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Shell Fuse?


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Just got these shell fuses the other day, and was wondering if anyone can help me to identify them.

I am quite sure that they are German, as they are marked 'K.Z.14'

Under that is written 'AEG15'

They seem to be made from aluminium making them very light.

Why aluminium?

Any ideas?



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Are there any other markings on the fuzes? The KZ 14 n A [n A =neuer Art = new type] was more common. The abbreviation stands for Kanonen-Zunder 14 [Gun Fuze 1914 pattern], which was used with the 77mm field gun. There is no real explanation, as far as I know, about why it was made of aluminium. You also find them made of brass or zinc or a mixture of metals. It was a non-delay percussion fuze and was not the most reliable. It was said to be the cause of a number of prematures. Later in the war some versions of the fuze were still in use with certain types of gas shell. If there is a small star or circle stamped anywhere on it, it means that it continaed particularly high quality detonator.

AEG stands for Allgemeine Elektizitaetsgesellschaft [General Electric Company] a German manufacturer which made fuzes, aircraft and various other types of war materiel. 15, suggests, perhaps, 1915 (but that is a guess).


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