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CQMS Fred Timon

Neil Mackenzie

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I am trying to find out a little about Company Quarter Master Serjeant Fred Timon who is named on the Midland Bank memorial at Canary Wharf.

He won the Bronze Military Medal for Valour (Italy) which was gazetted in May 1917 and died on 7/6/17 being buried at Perth Cemetery (China Wall)

He was in 24th Battalion London Regiment but I am not sure if this was 1/24th Battalion or 2/24th Battalion.

1/24th were in 47th Division and involved in The Battle of Messines so this tiews in with his date of death. However, they never went to Italy so not sure how/why he would have won the BMM for Valour. The 2/24th were in 60th Division and were involved in Salonika but were not in Belgium when Fred was killed.

I am assuming he was in 1/24th but given he never (apparently) went to Italy why would he have won the BMM for Valour?

Does anyone know anything about the movements of these two Divisions or any more about the BMM for Valour which might clarify this for me? Or is it just that he might have moved between the two Battalions. I could not find his service record in WO 363 but must admit I have not tried the missorts or WO 364.

Many thanks.


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Some Coldstream Gds where decorated by the Russians but they didnt go to Russia - Ive always belived these medals where given out as "exchanges" when we decorated their soldiers

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Thanks Coldstreamer - I think I will go with 1/24th given the Messines related date of death.


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