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Pte Samuel Andrews


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At the end of January I discovered this forum and the link to the Worcestershire Regiment forum. I am simply amazed at the depth of knowledge and genuine interest that all the 'pals' have for anyone who brings forward a topic for discussion/research. Through your help I am now putting a persona to what has been a sepia photograph of Pte Samuel Andrews.

Sam was a soldier in the Worcs Regt (14571), then transferred to the Devonshires (30857), and finally transferred to the MGC in early 1918 (140564). he was KIA at the Battle of Aisne at the end of May 1918, he rests at Chambrecy cemetery. +

Thanks to Louis on the Worcs web forum, I have discovered that Sam was indeed married and his son was born in August 1914 in Aston, Birmingham. He was named Samuel Kitchener James, I am now on the hunt for this branch of the family! We have always wondered whether Sam had married and had a child, the surviving WWI Andrews' were not a close family, my husband never heard of them speak of Sam, they were a strange lot!

Attached is a photo of Sam, it is part of a larger family group photo taken circa 1910 (his father is in the large photo and he died in Sept 1910). Sam would have been about 25yrs old. I also attach a poor copy of Sam's cap badge - just in case it's a recognisable shape someone can identify.

If anyone could identify either the uniform or the cap badge I would be very grateful, your interest and knowledge of all things 'soldier' is truly encyclopeadic (if that's a word!).

Spending my hubby's pension quite freely........I downloaded Sam's medal card which I will try to put up on this forum.

Regards to all,


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Try the photo again please Sandra.


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AAAGHHHHH! It was there when I checked, now its vanished. Sorry.

Brain strain, trying to upload again. Very sorry, here it goes again..........Sam and his hat!




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