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Rookie question, what is 'NOWY' ?


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I have seen many references to NOWY HEADED boards etc. Does anyone know what this means/stands for? I tried my dictionary and google but am none the wiser (nor better informed :) )

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Nowy means "new" in Polish.

Of all Slavic languages, only Polish spells it that way.

Not that it will help, I'm afraid.

Any chances of using a PC with Polish Windows on it?


Your Google skills are weak, I'm afraid. Lots of references:


The Wonston War memorials are in the form of two stone tablets within the aprish church of St Peter's. The First World War tablet is nowy headed and contains 40 names by surname, rank and regiment. The Second World War tablet is marble with a wreath above text and contains 10 names by surname, rank, regiment, forename and decorations. See Paul Goodwin's UK Memorial web site for more photographs.


However, the Web refuses to cough up a definition of that thingy used on plaques and doors.


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QUOTE (Phil_B @ Feb 14 2007, 02:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
From my WW1 dictionary:-

NOWY Having a convex projection in the middle (of a line etc on a shield). Phil B

Thanks all, convex projection it is then. I certainly found lots of references myself but none explained what it was. Polish for new didn't seem to fit and lots of other sites (UKNIWM, Channel 4 lost generation and others) just used the phrase in a way that I could not work out what it meant.

e.g. for example here

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noting a partition line or charge in which one or more curves interrupt a normally straight line or lines, usually halfway along their length:

(from dictionary.com)

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