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help identifying regiment please


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hello, can anyone help me identify the insignia on this photo...i find the shoulder title is all but unreadable and the only inscription on the reverse reads from "from Gerald, Christmas 1914/Cardiff" ?



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Certainly Signals, but possibly 1934? It's Service Dress rather than Battle Dress (1944 style); the R Sigs weren't around in 1914, so certainly post-Great War.

I'd go for 1934, or possibly 1924 (but I think the chap looks somehow wrong...can't explain why....for 1924).

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Please see The british Army in the 20th Century by Mike Chappell- Service Dress 1902-1940. He says on page 24 "............Service dress continued to be worn by other ranks in British service in mounted units,bands and drums,embassy staff etc etc.... up to the issue of a new pattern Service Dress in the early 1960s "


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thankyou both.

the now very questionable "1914" date is very cramped and writen in fountain pen as you can see - looking at it with fresh eye it could equally read "1941" (which makes me feel rather red in the face). for a start I should of noticed that the quality of the photo is more in keeping with a later date...


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