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Forster question for Terry D


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Terry, while perusing the CWGC site for Steph's possible Forster family, I came across a Joseph.

291093 Private Joseph Forster seems to be remembered in two cemeteries .Valenciennes and LeQuesnoy.

would this be a common thing, duplication? or are they one and the same place.

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This is a dual commemoration as explained on the CWGC site in the Valenciennes cemetery description as below:-

"Special memorials commemorate 19 casualties who died as prisoners of war, of whom nine are buried here (Plot IV, Row A.) and ten at Le Quesnoy Communal Cemetery Extension, none of whom could be individually identified; all are therefore commemorated at both sites."

Due to the circumstances of not being able to identify the location of each burial by name, CWGC commemorates them at both cemeteries. Then they cannot be wrong.

This is an unusual circumstance and offhand I can only recall one other example.

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It means that 19 PoWs were buried - ten in one cemetery and nine in another.

The names of all 19 were known but not which was buried in which cemetery.

Therefore, there is a Special Memorial listing all 19 names erected at each location just to ensure each man is remembered at his place of burial.

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