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German soldiers grave in Flanders

the german

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I have added two photos of a German gravestone. The location is somewhere in Flanders and the fallen soldier was a member of the Landwehr Infanterie Regiment Nr. 435.

His name was Andreas Gerdes, he came from Ostfriesland and was killed on January 30th 1917. His today´s burial place is in Langemark.

I guess the photo No. 1 was taken a few days after his burial.

On the second picture, only a fragment of the stone is left.

I would like to know, where the cemetery was located and specially when the second photo was made. Please notice the change of the background. The house looks pretty "modern" to me (may be during WW 2 ?).

I know, there is not really a great chance to find out, but may be I am lucky that someone of you has a suggestion.

The interesting thing for me is, that I got two more pictures. One shows the same grave with a typical German black cross. The other shows two german soldiers with hammer and chisel in their hands, creating the gravestone.

Thank you! Hinrich

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