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b battery, 76th brigade , royal field artillery


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Hi, as you can see my name is Eddy and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Great forum and associated site! I collect WW1 medals Uk and Canadian.

I have a medal to sldier who fell in the great war His particulars are:

Gunner G.F Bridges

b battery, 76th brigade , royal field artillery

Died September 11th 1916

Delville Wood Cemetery, France.

A freind of mine told me that the 76th ( Up to January 1917), attached to the Guards Divisional Artillery.


1) Is there a way I can find out about the circumstances of his death ( online divsional diary etc...)

2) What was the "Guards Divsional Artillery"?

3) I assume they were involved in the some actions of 1916?

4) Are there books or records that I can easly access.

Thak You for any help....


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Hi Eddy.. may I be the 1st to welcome you to the forum :D

George Fred Bridges MIC

Here is George listed on CWGC

on SDGW he is noted by the name Bridge, Born St. Pancras, Enlisted Marylebone and KiA

Cheers, Jon :D

Hi Jon, thank you for the welcome :) I have a copy of his MIC. Am looking for information on his brigade etc....


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“I have a copy of his MIC. Am looking for information on his brigade etc….”

76 Bde RFA, a new army Bde left therir base at Rollestone Camp for embarking at Southampton on the 2/9/15. The Bde embarked on two ships, B/76 accompanying the Amn Column and horses on one. They arrived at Havre on the 3/9/15 and were firing their guns in anger on the 10th of the month near HAVERSKERQUE. On paper each battery A, B, C and D had a full compliment of 134 inclusive of 4 Officers and 8 Serjeants, plus 125 horses. They had joined the Guards Div on the 4/9/15 direct from 16 Div.

On the First of Sept 1916 the 76 Bde marched from CARDONETTA to SAILLY LE SEC during their Somme campaign. There they received orders to relieve gun positions from 108 Bde. This was carried out on the 5/9/16 and they were positioned between BERNAFAY WOOD and TRONES WOOD.

On the 11/9 the diary merely records ‘Bty’s carried out registration.’ However while no names are mentioned throughout all incidents of action and casualties are clearly recorded, and a few days earlier on the 7/9 it records

‘Bty’s continued digging in and registration carried out. (BERNAFAY WOOD) One gun of B/76 destroyed by shell fire. 3 men killed, 4 wounded. Also direct hit on dugout of B/76. 5 NCO’s and men buried. Men dug out and found to be only shaken up.’

I suspect this may well be the incident that Gnr. Bridges was involved in. His MIC records a DOE of the 22/6/15 indicating he was transferred from another Bde A search on Soldiers died for RFA who died on the 7/9 rather than the 11/9, may open up further avenues for confirmation.

Regards Paul

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Thank you very much Paul!! It would appear then that he died of wounds on the 11th from the attack on the 7th, would you agree?

Is there a publication I can purchase or access to find further details?

Thank you again Paul.


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Good evening gents,

First time on this website and was blown away by this chat.

my Great grandad .was killed while working this gone on the 7th September 1916.

His name .. Sydney Mcleod whitaker.

Service No 36636.

His rank was corporal wheeler while the 76th was RFA , but when the joined the Guards his rank should have changed to gunner.

on the Thiepvail memorial it got corporal wheeler inscribed.

I never thought that I would ever find someone who was related to someone who was one of my Great granddads friends. Who served with him , drank and smoked together. But to me the most important thing is he was not alone when he died. Up until now I did not now this .

regards perryab97 ( derek )

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Wheeler Corporal Whitaker [96636] would be his correct rank... the 76th was one of 4 artillery Brigades which were in the Guards Division; he would have been a valued part of an artillery Battery responsible for upkeep of of equipment, gun carriages etc and repairing guns damaged by shellfire.. he probably had prewar experience in the trade [along with saddlers and shoeing smiths/farriers]. His medal card shows he was originally went to France as a trained 'Wheeler' and was later promoted to Wheeler Corporal.

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My Grandfather was Sydney McLeod Whitaker, a corporal wheeler in the 76th Brigade. I am trying to find if there would any photos of the brigade before 1916 and where I could find them. Grateful for any help.

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  • 7 months later...

Just found out information about my GUncle - 13649 Sgt Thomas GORMAN born 1891 from Manchester.


He was Acting Battery Sergeant Major in B Battery, 76 Brigade RFA - Guards Division. Thanks to David Porter for the information.


Tom was awarded Military Medal (MM) for gallantry in action against the enemy at Third Battle of Ypres. (Published in London Gazette, 18 July 1917).


Kind regards,



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