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Civil Convictions


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I thought perhaps someone might find this interesting.

Bright Blessings


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I came across this during a Google search - it's a very interesting page. Several of the post-war photos must be men who had served as well as those in uniform.

I wonder if anything similar survives in French or Belgian police archives?

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A box of fish eh....

Gordon MARR

Private 11446580 of the 16th Battalion Canadian Scottish Regiment (British Expeditionary Force - France) was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment for theft of a box of fish from Edinburgh Waverley Station on 22nd January 1918. On 8th August 1918 Gordon took part a battle to re-capture the French town of Demuin on the Somme. Tragically he was killed during this engagement.

.... this was probably him on leave. Wonder where he served before this .... and what he ate ?

Nice link(s).

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A few civil cases involving soldiers based in Wiltshire were reported in the local paper. After the first few months of war, the camps they were based at were not named (because of censorship regulations), though one can get a good idea of what they were from the title of the newspaper and the name of the court at which they were heard.

From early 1915 onward, such cases were just about the only coverage given to camps by the local press, apart from that of sports events and visiting entertainers.

Other sources (notably the histories of individual units of the First Canadian Contingent) suggest a great number of minor offences went unreported in the local papers, which concentrated on serious theft or vice (cases of the latter being taken against the women involved).


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