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1/6th R Warwicks


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I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the1/6th R Warwicks were and what they were doing on Feb 4th 1917 and march 8/9th 1917.

Many thanks, Alan

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4 Feb 1917 Trenches south of Biaches

"Heavy Bombardment 6.15 pm. German advance. The line from left to right was held by C B D (A Coy was in reserve at Eclusier) 37 killed, 70 wounded, many seriously, with 14 missing. Lt Belcher was found dead having made a stand against the raiders.

8 March 1917

Biache Trenches. A Coy made an assault under cover of a box barrage to capture prisoners. Returned at 9.15 pm with 3 prisoners and a machine-gun. Casualties 1 killed, 2 wounded and missing,and a further 13 wounded.

9 March 1917

Relieved by 1/8th Worcesters. Germans voluntary evacuating Somme Front ?

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Thanks Terry, I didn't relise that you were , not only an expert on the B'ham Pals but, an expert on other Warwicks Btns.

I have a medal group consisting om an M.M. 14/15 Trio and Plaque to a man in the 1/6th. He won his M.M. on 4th Feb 1917 and was killed on, according to the CWGC, 9th March 1917. I however have a photo of his original grave marker with a date of 8-3-17 on it. According to a newspaper report a letter sent to his parents said he was killed, along with two other men, by a shell burst in the early hours of March 9th.

Thanks again, Alan

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Alan, from the Battalion History, I'm guessing your man is 240105 Cpl E Bayliss. In the appendices to the history, 4 men are given as killed on the 8th: Bayliss, 242855 Pte J Baker, 240370 Pte A Andrews, and 242185 Pte Pte G Crick.

The text of the book supports the information from Terry, so there is an extra death to account for.

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Yes you are correct, it is L/Cpl Arthur Edward Bayliss. Both Bayliss and Baker are listed on the CWGC as died on the 9th March.

Terry, Thanks for that information.


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