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Can anyone help please?

Are brass and enamel lapel badges with legends such as:

"Prisoner of War Help" and "Birmingham Prisoner of War Aid"

from the Great war?

Most have half moon fixing and some are made by Fattorini of Bolton.

Some have embossed numbers on the back. Some are round, some oval or other more intricate shapes.

Any help will be gratefully received.

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Thomas Fattorini Ltd still exist and continue to make badges amongst other things.

They can be contacted at:

Thomas Fattorini Ltd

Regent St Works


B1 3HQ

Tel: 0121 236 1307

Terry Reeves

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Thanks Terry. I'll pursue Fattorini.

Just to be 100% clear I should have said that these lapel badges were worn by civilians and not by POW's.


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A few years ago I contacted Fattorini's about some of their WW1 badges. Unfortuantely they no longer have records for that period. If memory serves me correctly they were lost during WW2.

So if you get qa positive response from them do let us know.

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