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Cambrai and German counterattack


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Can anyone recommend any books covering this battle. I'm particularly interested in the actions of 37th brigade of 12th div.

Many thanks


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There are 3 or 4 in the Pen & Sword Battleground Europe series which cover the centre well, with lots of stuff from the edges - Epehy, Villers Plouich etc - which are often ignored. THE book, if you want to follow mainly the Tank Regiment is Gorczynski & Gibot's Following the Tanks, with comprehensive maps and photos.

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If your interest extends this far the 55th Division were heavily engaged in the German counter-offensive on the Cambrai flank on and after 3Oth November 1917.

See Mullaly's history of the South Lancashire Regiment and J.O.Coop's history of 55th Division.


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I second Chris B's point about 55th division and related books. 1/5 South Lancs were wiped out (literally - 541men = 100% casualties) during this counter attack.


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