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My name is Adrian and i live in northern Sweden, and am a member of the Jämtlands Fält Artilleri. We recreate the Norrlands Artilleri Regiment and have a model 1902 gun, 8cm in calibre, not dissimilar to the famous '75' of french manufacture. We usually wear m.1870 uniforms and often fire salutes for various occasions and do LHE's ( including the use of limber and horses) for the period covering the use of our gun. If anyone is interested in coming over to Sweden and taking part, and seeing and using some 'period' artillery, contact me on adrian@artilleri.se. I appreciate the nature of this forum, but i also hope that interest in early 20th century warfare will spur some interest. Hope to hear from you soon!

Adrian :)

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Whilst not totally WW1 related, I have had the oportunity to fire a 1916 Swedish Mauser. At first glance it looks rather cumbersome, but as soon as you get your hands on it, it just feels great. A nice rifle, hopefully you have a few in your group. Good luck with your quest.

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