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Bayonet Practice and Army Humour


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I have been checking a few of my files and came across a photo of a Sgt teaching his men bayonet practice. The piece was in the Bystander 19 Jan 1916.

The Sgts words are ' Aving lunged and pierced your henemy you proceeds to withdraw your baynit, when you will give it a twist to the left, thus making the wound not only mortal but HINCURABLE !'

(not changed - I was taught 'Stick it in, twist it, pull it out)

I also have set of 'battalion Orders' written in 1915 on a piece of YMCA paper by a private soldier.

Leave - will be granted annually for the purpose of having a bath, and a change of clothes. Special leave will only be granted to those who are able to prove that they are snuffing it.

Fire Alarm - On this sounding all men must lie perfectly still until carried to a place of safety.

Attention - The special attention of the Quartermaster is drawn to paragraph 20 verse 15, Deutronomony regarding the distribution of loaves and fishes.

Promotion - The O.C. is pleased to make the following promotions-

Private Tim Docherty to be Temporary Private , Unpaid.

Field- Marshall Jim Crosby to be Temporary Sanitary Corporal.

The above men will be attached to the Tea company for groceries and pay.

Punishment -

Private Sacco, 5 years C.B. for refusing to eat his rations.

Private Dollar - 765 days for refusing to whitewash the 'Last Post'


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