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Remembered Today:

Grenadier Guards Letter after Ypres

mark franke

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while researching my grandfather, a Cambridgeshire territorials historian let me know of this letter. It was sent by my grandfather to his hometown paper, I just got a transcription of it


Mark Franke

Wisbech Standard - 27 November 1914 p.7 col.3

"The Wisbech Standard" in the Trenches

Interesting Letter From Wounded Soldier

we have received the following letter:-

No 10 Ward, 2nd Southern General Hospital, Southmead, Bristol

To the Editor of the "The Wisbech Standard

Dear Sir

Perhaps it may interest you and your readers to know that a copy of " The Wisbech Standard" reached the firing line at Ypres whilst the thickest of the fighting was taking place there. I being a Wisbechian was fortunate enough to receive a copy of "The Wisbech Standard" and it was the first newspaper that our Regiment had seen for eleven days, and the news it contained was read by dozens of our fellows. I am glad to be able to say I came through that terrible few days without a scratch, but we lost about seven hundred men. The weather was the worst thing we had to contend with, in some places there was six to eight inches of snow, and I am sorry to say that I have had to return to England with a frost-bitten foot, but I hope for a speedy recovery so that I can once more go and do my small share for old England. I should like to mention that I, as one of the many who have received many benefits from the British Red Cross Society, cannot speak too highly of the good and noble work they are doing for the British soldier on active service.

I remain, your truly,

14870 Sergeant H. Allitt

Grenadier Guards

Late E Company, 1st Cambridgeshire Territorials

PS if you think well to publish these few lines in your valuable paper, you are at liberty to do so.


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Mark, that is a wonderful thing to have. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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Thanks for that.

Just had a look on CWGC and it looks like he survived the rest of the war.

Wonder if he was fit enough to go back?

Just checked Ponsonby.page 315 Volume 3

"Meritorious Service Medal"

1st Bn Allitt H CQMS 14870


Gazette Edition, Issue 31695. 16-December-1919

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thanks for the reference. He actually survive the war. Eventually became the regimental quartermaster sergeant and served in the Grenadier guards for 19 years. He served in the home guard World War II. Prior to his death he sent his miniature medals that I had just had restored. I just found this forum it's awesome thanks for the reference. Do you have any contact at the guards Museum or archives.?

Thanks Mark Franke

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Have contacted the Archives a few times but not in person.

Their postal address is

c/o The Archivist

Regimental Headquarters Grenadier Guards

Wellington Barracks

Birdcage Walk



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