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54 Anti-Aircraft RGA


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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me anything about 54 AA unit RGA? A kind person has told me they were part of R battery / Second Army. The trouble is I cant find R battery on the long, long trail artillery list. Were they attached to an HAG or part of a seige battery? Were they part of our home defences or stationed abroad. In particular, the person I am researching served between 1/11/1916 and 11/12/1918, any ideas where this unit was then?

Thanks to everyone for the help i have recieved so far. Heres hoping an artillery expert can help sort out the muddle im getting into trying to understand units - battery etc.


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Not sure if there is a mix up between two untis here, but according to my sources "54th A.A. Coy, R.G.A." wasn't formed until 1917 and was part of the Forth Defences(Zone Z). The three anti-aircraft companies which formed part of these defences were 17th A.A. Coy,R.G.A., 52nd A.A. Coy,R.G.A. & 54th A.A. Coy,R.G.A.

The Anti-Aircraft units which served overseas were actually termed as "Anti-Aircraft Detachments" in 1914 and then became "Anti-Aircraft Sections". By 1916 some sections were coupled together to form batteries and as such the battery was named afer the senior A.A. Section within that formation. As such "54th Anti-Aircraft Section" formed "54th Anti-Aircraft Battery,R.G.A.", along with 57th Anti-Aircraft Section.

At the end of 1916, beginning of 1917 lettered batteries were formed and the old A.A. Sections re-established, and so 54th A.A. Battery,R.G.A disappeared in name. The A.A. Sections(54th & 57th) then joined the new "'F' Anti-Aircraft Battery,R.G.A." on the 23rd January 1917, and moved to 5th Army.

In 1918 54th A.A. Section left 'F' Anti-Aircraft Battery, which formed part of the 4th Army, and transferred to 'R' Anti-Aircraft Battery,R.G.A., which formed part of the 2nd Army.


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Hi Graham,

Thanks for your quick reply. Very interesting - a lot of info. My original enquiry was about some information on an MIC. I am starting to get to the bottom of it now. In the very unlikely event that i turn up a service record things will finally become clear.

The MIC lists only 'RGA 54 AA by' (posted on the MIC part of this forum), so this was obviously the last unit / section this person served with. I assume 'by' means battery.

thanks again


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