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Remembered Today:

Pre war cap badges. Maybe Territorials

steve fuller

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Hi all

I have no books or know of any site covering the below, so could anyone please point me in the right direction of the info? I am specifically interested in learning more about the cap badges ...

These are from 1910 to 1912 and are NCO's from the Herts, Beds and maybe other (Territorial) regiments. I suspect it was taken after a Summer Camp but have no firm evidence for that so far.


Many thanks :)

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Hi Steve,

I notice they are wearing the much hated Broderick Caps. This was the final 'Germanic style' uniform item (after a series of helmets with spikes, etc) that did no last long with the regulars, possibly longer with the TF.


Tom McC

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Are you sure of the dates?

The Broderick caps make me think that it was pre-1907 (although it would probably have taken a year or so for new kit to filter down to the TF/Volunters).

I can't make out the badges at all for those in Brodericks, the badge gets lost against the 'flash' of facing colour.

Waiting to be corrected.

Tom (the Walrus)

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Thanks chaps.

To be honest the year mentioned is based on a postmark on the rear of the postcards so could be any time from 1885!! I suspect it ws post 1904 as the man in question was back in the UK then until his death in 1922.

Very useful thoughts, thanks B)

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The NCO @ the back may be wearing a Badge similar to this one,it is somewhat larger than the normal 1880~1919 Cap Badge,{around 2" x 2"} & is{was in this case}enamelled in the centre,it was Gilt with Silver Plated Hert & Title Riband,& as you can see had the usual split pin fixing,I believe it is depicted in K&K in the circa 1880s sections.

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