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Early cases of officer shell shock in the CEF

John Gilinsky

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Wells, George Anderson

"The Fighting Bishop..."

Toronto: 1971

In this book a senior Canadian military chaplian relates some of his experiences while in he was working with the 2nd. Canadian Stationary Hospital in France in early 1915.

1) On pages 210 - 211 he relates several (at least 3 fairly senior) officers of the 1st Division CEF who broke due to stress during battle,namely:

a) ...one officer whose name was similar to that of General Currie. His nerves broke and he was brought into the 2nd. Canadian Staitonary Hospital and went grey in a couple of days. He was apparently the battalion commander (Lt-Colonel, Colonel?) and possibly of the 14th Royal Montreal CEF battaion.

B) At Festubert (1915) an Adjutant and also a Senior Major in the Permanent Militia (that is Canada's tiny regular forces of about 4,500 men pre-1914) also as a result of being in action their hair turned white overnight.

Does anyone know the specific individuals that Wells is referring to and if so what is your evidence for your assertion(s)?




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