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Remembered Today:

Second Lieutenant from 15th Aug 1914


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From The London Gazette 14 Aug 1914

"The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets from the Royal Military College, to be Second Lieutenants. Dated 15th August 1914"

Does anyone know anything about this particular group of young officers?

Was this a normal graduation after a full course

or were these young men rushed out after a curtailed period of training at the RMC?



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Transcription of my notes taken from Remembrance Wakes by Ethel ME Richardson, London, Heath Cranton, 1934, 8o.

EMER was sister to Charles Edmond Sinclair STRONGE, 7th Bt Tynan.

Cambridge University Library reference 539.c.93.406.

In July? 1914 [from context] before declaration of war all RMC cadets who had served 1 year would be gazetted to their intended regiments.

and from my Duty Done:

Second Lieutenant Mervyn Stronge Richardson has a personal file at NA which can be read by the researcher. The number is WO 339 22618. His birth certificate states that he was born 21 June 1894 at Killynether Castle, Newtownard, Co Down. His father was an ‘Irish gentleman’ with eight years service as a Militia Captain in 5 Royal Irish Rifles. A great-grandfather was a Major in the Buffs who fought in the Peninsular War at Albuhera and the Nivelle. Richardson was educated at Bilton Grange, Rugby and at Radley College where he was an 'efficient' member of the OTC. A Master’s reference on his file describes him as having an excellent character and distinctly above average in trustworthiness and leadership. He was a Prefect and was made Captain of Boats and rowed at 6 in the successful VIII of 1912. He attended the RMC and was commissioned 15 August 1914, just after the outbreak of war. This young German-speaking officer was a very early arrival with the unit, reaching them on 25 September 1914 and replacing Lieutenant Lloyd as OC IV Platoon in A Company.

So, the class of August 1914 were commissioned after one year, rather than the usual three 'terms' of six months.

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