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Dutch Soldiers

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I´m collecting information about dutch soldiers in foreign armies. So far I have found a few. If anyone has information about people with the dutch nationality who fought in the foriegn armies, please let me know.


Jorge Groen

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The following men of Dutch extraction died while serving in the Australian Imperial Force in WW1. Though this is probably not a complete list.

3210A-L/Cpl Henry John William Bosma MM - 10th Bn - DofW 25/08/1916

Warloy Baillon Communal Cemetery

7364-Pte William Bravenboer - 10th Bn - KIA 28/06/1918

La Kreule Military Cemetery Hazebrouck

2327-Pte Hendrick Cornelius Brinckmann - 59th Bn - KIA 19/07/1916

VC Corner Cemetery

1241-Tpr John Maric Cornelius De Raadt - 2nd Light Horse Regiment - Died of Sickness 17/10/1915 - Cairo War Memorial Cemetery

610-Pte Jacobus Justinus Meyerink MM - 38th Bn - KIA 13/10/1917

Menin Gate

1903-Pte Herman Neimeyer - 12th Bn - KIA 28/12/1917

Menin Gate

3639 - Pte Pete Neuteboom - 29th Bn - KIA 29/07/1918

Mericourt L'Abbe Cemetery

464-Pte Francis Jacob Otterspoor - 31st Bn - KIA 19/07/1916

Rue Petillon Cemetery

3900-Pte John Otterspoor - 4th Australian Pioneers - KIA 22/05/1918

Daours Communal Cemetery

900A-Pte George Sinnema - 56th Bn - KIA 02/04/1917

Villers Brettoneux Memorial

Trooper Marines Cornelius Van Der Kaaden - 10th Light Horse Regiment

Died of Malaria 20/10/1918 - Damascus British War Cemetery

3656-Pte Peter Van Der Lubbe - 33rd Bn - KIA 05/04/1918

Villers Brettoneux Memorial

2030-Pte Anton Bertus Van Sprinkhuysen(also known as Springhouse)

2nd Bn - KIA 10/11/1915 - Shell Green cemetery Gallipoli

If you want to do further research on these men have a look at the Australian War Memorial's Roll of Honour database and click on the next of kin sheet next to their names which might provide you with more info.


Good luck with your research



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Jorge, I looked in one German history that did break down the nationality of the soldiers and at least two men from Dutch extraction served in the 8th Bavarian Reserve Regiment, one was an officer, Oberleutnant der Landwehr Hubert Schulte, born 30 May, 1878, Amsterdam, Holland. Killed in action in the Carpathians on 18 September, 1916. The second was an enlisted man in the 11th Co. but his name was not listed.

I am sure that others served in the German army cut I do not know of an easy way to determine this.


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