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Andrew Bain

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Recently received War Diaries of 7th Argylls from PRO ordering service, amongst them were 48 pages of very comprehensive casualty lists for 9th Argylls April/June'15 (2nd Ypres).

Is this common to find other items filed with diaries? ,were these lists normally filed at higher level i.e. Brigade, Div. Where might similar lists for 7th Argylls be filed, or is this a "one off" ?

Can I help anyone with an interest in 9th Argylls with any information from these lists?

Regards, Andy Bain.

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It's not as uncommon as you think. Such casualty lists exist in many diaries eg. 14th (Light) Division diaries for 1915 have them (all infantry battalions, anyway), and many, many others.

As the war progresses is becomes less common, although there is one East Surrey Bn disbanded in Feb 1918 whose diary lists every man who ever served with the Bn! (think it was 7th Bn?)

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