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RFA 1916


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Hi all

Looking for any infomation on George Hicks RFA 366 battery service number 39777.

I have found him at cwgc and his service medal at Kew.

George enlisted prior to the war,then deserted,then when ww1 broke out he re-enlisted under his mothers maiden name Hicks.

George's real name is George Ramsey from Canning town West Ham.

George died in france in 1916 and is buried under his mothers maiden name Hicks,and i need to get a death certificate for cwgc to have his name changed on his gravestone.

Any infomation on George or his regiment greatly appreciated



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Hi Alan,

Welcome to the forum. I assume that by "service medal at Kew" you mean his medal index card? You have a better chance of a positive response to your request if you could post the details on that card here. Or, better still, a scan or photo of the card.

Good luck with your quest,


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Hi Alan,

I have mis-filed the documents right now, but my gt'uncle's RFA # was approx 39800 and my g'father was #41116. My gt'uncle's papers survived at Kew and he enlisted in October 1914 (age 17) and was called-up for duty in November.


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