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Please Help i'm confused


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Hi All

Can anyone throw some light on my problem :(

i have managed to locate one of my Great uncles who was apparently in the 4th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders but when i try to look them up it comes up with Territorials or another brigade ie 152nd infantry Brigade and all i seem to be doing is chasing my own tail :blink::blink:

would appreciate any help at all on this.

Kindest Regards


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From the Mother site http://www.1914-1918.net

1/4th (Ross Highland) Battalion

August 1914 : in Dingwall. Part of Seaforth & Cameron Brigade, Highland Division. 7 November 1914 : left the Division and landed at (Le) Havre, and on the 12 December 1914 joined the Dehra Dun Brigade, 7th (Meerut) Division on the Western Front. 6 November 1915 : transferred to 137th Brigade, 46th Division. 13 November 1915 : transferred to 46th Brigade, 15th Division. 7 January 1916 : transferred to 154th Brigade, 51st Division.


Name of soldier?

See the same site




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thanks for all that info

and sorry about the "it" but what i meant was search engines such as Google and the likes its just that i have not done this before and get confused with all the Reg's and Battalions, i want to go to NA and was trying to find out as much as i could before i went and what is really confusing me the most is my Grandfather was supposedly in two Regiments during the war One being the Seaforths and the other the QOCH when he got wounded in one he then signed on to the other telling them he was never in the army(Devil for punishment) but i dont know which reg came first.

I know he was a private in the Seaforths and a sergeant in the QOCH now you can see why i'm confused :o:o



What is the 'it' which comes up with things?
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