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Remembered Today:

Wangford cum Henham War Memorial


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Situated in the Churchyard of St Peter & St Paul Parish Church, Wangford cum Henham, Suffolk







ALDRED J 4176/ES Engineman Royal Naval Reserve HM Drifter Dulcie Doris. Died of illness 19th November 1917 aged 32. Son of Arthur and Charlotte Aldred; husband of Hetty Louisa Aldred, of Norfolk Rd., Wangford, Lowestoft. Born at Uggeshall, Suffolk. Buried MALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERY Grave Prot 361.

HM Drifter Dulcie Doris, Lowestoft No LT277, Admiralty No 1926, of 83 tons launched 1913, Armed with 1 x 57mm gun, Net, requisitioned January 1915 and returned 1920. On the night of 13th May 1916 along with HM Dirfter Evening Star she shelled the German submarine U6 which had been caught in the nets of HM Drifter Calistoga. The U6 scuttled itself 12 miles ENE of Cape Otranto.

HMS Queen (former battleship) is named as his parent ship on the memorial – this was the depot ship for trawlers/drifters at Taranto, Italy

BAKER C F Cyril Frederic Baker 103147 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 86th Bty 14th Bde. Born Wangford Enlisted Lowestoft, Suffolk. Killed in action 16th October 1916 aged 22. Son of Frederick William and Sara Jane Baker, of High St., Wangford, Lowestoft. Commemorated THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 1 A and 8 A.

BAKER P F Probably Percival Frank Baker 473473 Private Royal Army Medical Corps 1st/1st (Northumbrian) Field Ambulance. Born Thorpe Hamlet, Norfolk Enlisted Norwich. Killed in action 14th December 1917. Buried TYNE COT CEMETERY Grave I. E. 14.

BAKER R Robert Baker 3/8625 Private D Company 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Woolpit, Suffolk Enlisted Halesworth. Killed in action 20th July 1916 aged 20. Son of Mrs. Sarah Levett, of Benacre St., Wrentham, Lowestoft. Commemorated THIEPVAL MEMORIAL Pier and Face 1 C and 2 A.

BALLS J James Balls G/11474 Private 10th Bn Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) attd. 123rd Coy Machine Gun Corps. Born Stoven, Suffolk Enlisted Ipswich, Suffolk Resident Wangford, Suffolk. Killed in action 27th September 1917 aged 28. Son of Samuel Balls, of Wangford; husband of Louisa Balls, of Southwold Rd., Wangford, Suffolk. Buried GODEWAERSVELDE BRITISH CEMETERY Grave I. J. 3.

BAXTER E J Ernest James Baxter 3294 Gunner Royal Field Artillery 69th Bde. H.Q. Born Lowestoft Enlisted Ipswich, Suffolk. Died 30th May 1916 aged 21. Son of Mrs. L. Baxter, of 3, Council Cottages, Wangford, Suffolk. Buried AMARA WAR CEMETERY Grave VIII. G. 6.

BROWN A G Probably Allan Brown 225444 Private 1st Bn. attd. 2nd/2nd Bn London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers). Born & Resident Wangford Enlisted Bury St Edmunds. Killed in action 21st March 1918. Commemorated POZIERES MEMORIAL Panel 85 and 86.

BROWN C V Charles Victor Brown 8236DA Deck Hand Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Birch. Killed in action 23rd August 1916 aged 19. Son of William and Alice Brown, of Southwold Rd., Wangford, Suffolk. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL.

HM Trawler BIRCH, of 215 tons launched 1912, Port No GY 677, Admiralty No 1129, Minesweeper, mined 23rd August 1916 off Great Yarmouth. Mine laid by UC1.

BROWN G H Royal Field Artillery. No further information currently

BULLARD A J Probably Arthur Bullard 241250 Private 1st/5th Bn Suffolk Regiment. Enlisted Bury St Edmunds. Killed in action 2nd November 1917. Buried GAZA WAR CEMETERY Grave VIII. F. 5.

FARRINGTON F E Probably Frederick George Farrington K/10036 Stoker 1st Class Royal Navy HMS Formidable. Killed in action 1st January 1915 aged 22. Son of Emma and Joseph Farrington, of Henham, Wangford, Suffolk. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL.

HMS Formidable was sunk by U24 in the English Channel 1st January 1915.

FENN W J William James Fenn 4814/TS Trimmer Royal Naval Reserve HM Trawler Eros. Died of wounds 13th March 1918 probably received when the Eros was mined. HMT EROS, hired trawler in Auxiliary Fleet, Admiralty No 698, Port No. GY.284 (Great Yarmouth), 286 tons, launched 1907, mine-sweeper, shown as mined 5th September 1917 off Felixstowe. service December 1914 to September 1917. The mine was apparently laid by the small German minelaying submarine UC 4. Buried WANGFORD (SS. PETER AND PAUL) CHURCHYARD South West of church.

GISSING W H William Harry Gissing 58107 Private 6th Bn Northamptonshire Regiment. Born Yoxford, Suffolk Enlisted Ipswich, Suffolk. Killed in action 21st September 1918 aged 18. Son of Mr. A. and Mrs. E. Gissing, of Barn Cottage, Wangford, Suffolk. Buried UNICORN CEMETERY, VEND'HUILE Grave II. D. 4.

HARVEY W F William Finch Harvey 2374 Private 1st/23rd Bn London Regiment. Born Wangford, Suffolk Enlisted Clapham Junction Resident Chalfont Parks, Bucks. Killed in action 26th May 1915. Commemorated LE TOURET MEMORIAL Panels 45 & 46.

HILL R L Raymond Louis Hill M2/193066 Private Army Service Corps 648th MT Company. Born & Resident Wangford Enlisted Lowestoft. Died 9th January 1918 aged 20. Son of George Hill, of High St., Wangford, Suffolk, England. Buried DAR ES SALAAM WAR CEMETERY Grave 7. J. 15.

MOBBS H A Herbert Allen Mobbs 20335 Private 13th Bn Essex Regiment formerly 5086 Royal Garrison Artillery. Born Aldborough, Norfolk Enlisted Ipswich Resident Wangford. Killed in action 30th November 1917 aged 37. Husband of Amy Alice Mobbs, of Sible Hedingham, Essex. Commemorated CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL Panel 7 and 8.

RISEBOROUGH G M Probably William Riseborough T4/041493 Private Army Service Corps 2nd Depot Company. Died 15th February 1915. Son of Mrs. Riseborough, of King's Farm, Sotherton, Wangford, Suffolk. Buried GREENWICH CEMETERY Screen Wall. 3 "C." A. 107.

RISEBOROUGH S P Royal Garrison Artillery. No further information currently

SHADE H Herbert Shade 18529 Private 3rd Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Frostenden, Suffolk Enlisted Ipswich. Died 15th April 1915. Buried FELIXSTOWE NEW CEMETERY Grave J.4.

SMITH A E Albert Edward Smith 15227 Private 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Wangford Enlisted Ipswich. Killed in action 2nd March 1916. Commemorated YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 21.

SMITH H G Henry George Smith SS/342 (RFR/CH/B/5534) Able Seaman Royal Navy HMS Foyle. Killed in action 15th March 1917 aged 34. Son of the late John and Anna Smith; husband of Alice Mary Smith, of High St., Wangford, Suffolk. Commemorated CHATHAM NAVAL MEMORIAL.

HMS FOYLE, E type River Class Destroyer, 560 tons launched 25th February 1902 at Laird. Pendant Nos N44 (1914) and D20 (September 1915). Armed with 4 x 12 pounders, 2 x 18 inch Torpedo Tubes. Struck a German mine in the English Channel off Dover 15th March 1917 (51-07' N, 01-27' E) (3 miles E of Eddystone lighthouse). Broke in half with front section sinking immediately, stern taken into tow but later sank. 27 of the 70 crew lost. HMS Foyle commanded by Lt. Alfred H. D. Young, R.N.

TINK C A Charles Alfred Tink 15297 Private 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Southwold Enlisted Ipswich. Killed in action 4th May 1915. Son of William Tink, of Norfolk Rd., Wangford, Suffolk. Commemorated YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 21.

YOUNGS A E Probably Ernest Alfred Youngs 15468 Private 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Wangford Enlisted Lowestoft. Killed in action 8th May 1915. Commemorated YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL Panel 21.

YOUNGS R W Probably Robert William Young(s) 3/10027 Private 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment. Born Wangford Enlisted Ipswich. Killed in action 8th October 1915. Buried HALLUIN COMMUNAL CEMETERY Grave A.3.

1939 – 1945



GISSING B Basil Sydney Gissing 5825091 Private 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment. Died 29th May 1949 aged 29. Son of A. and Emily Gissing, of Wangford, Suffolk. Buried ZUIDSCHOTE CHURCHYARD Grave A.2.

PRIME S Sydney Arthur Prime 5824932 Private 1st Bn Suffolk Regiment. Died 24th May 1940 aged 28. Son of Herbert John and Mary Louisa Prime, of Wangford, Suffolk. Buried CRETINIER CEMETERY, WATTRELOS Grave 22.

SWIFT W Walpole Jack Swift 5771992 Private 2nd Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment. Died between 27th May 1940 & 1st June 1940. Son of Edith Mary Ruth Ashton, of Wangford, Suffolk. Buried MONT-BERNANCHON CHURCHYARD Row A Grave 11.

WASE G Gilbert Wase 1532418 Gunner Royal Artillery 152 Battery 51st Heavy AA Regiment. Buried TOBRUK WAR CEMETERY Grave 3.N.8.


WRIGHT L 14470458 Gunner Royal Artillery. Died 3rd January 1951. Missing in action.

Any additons/comments/amendments welcome

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With thanks to


Michael Lowery


Per Aruda Per Mare Per Terram

Don aka Kin 47

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Excellent work all of you. I have often looked at this memorial and wondered about the stories behind the names.



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