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Deeds that thrill the Empire

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I was thinking of getting for christmas but I was wondering if it was any good before I put it down on my list.

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I have an original of this book (well two volumes anyway, I don't know if there were more). It is huge full of colour plates and also grey artists illustrations. My Sunday School teacher gave it to me when I was about 12 when she heard I was interested in the Army.

It is basically citations of VCs, DSOs, MCs MMs from all the Commonwealth countries. Some only get a picture caption some a whole article. It is not laid out in any particular order. I have not read mine much because it is big and unwieldy and the pages are a bit loose - still I would not part with it. It is a real heartfelt tribute to bravery and a period piece, the artwork is great.I think it was produced in parts during the war and not completed.

However it is not intended to be a reference work and does not say much about the men except their medal winning exploit. If that is what you want the VCs of the Great War series is better

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I bought a copy of the first volume in a school jumble sale and much regret its loss. I always wondered if the Spencer shown in the main index was my great uncle - if you buy the book, please look him up and let me know if he was James Spencer MM!


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My father's got the two original edition volumes too (I think that's all there was). He bought it mainly because my Grandfather (see my signature) gets a write-up and a picture. It's a great commemoration and seems to have been published more as a patriotic work than a reference.


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