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It was used till the end of the war (as it could be found on all trench maps). I have researched the names around Gheluvelt, but I couldn't find the exact unit that give the crossroads the name or exactly why and when.



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Clapham Junction is the name of the vast railway intersection on the south bank of the Thames.

The road junction on the Menin Road would have been named after this railway junction being a busy road intersection for the front line.The name would have been introduced initially and informally by troops from London connected units.Like so many such names, they were usually adopted officially.I suppose there was an advantage in the enemy not being aquainted with the alternative place names but it would appear that these alternative names were not secret for long.

I would have thought that "Clapham Junction" would be so named as soon as British units took up position in the area. As the saying goes, "As busy as Clapham Junction". (Some Londoner is bound to correct me!)


Frank East

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