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ASC book - this any good ?


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In researching my grandads Army Service I am seeking information on the ASC in particular the 11th Division. Whilst trawling around the net I have come across the following statement :

Col Michael Young's history, the 'Army Service Corps 1902-1918' is probably the best today; 194 pages of

text, plus pages 195-406 Annexs & index. It was published by Leo Cooper (Pen & Sword) in 2000. The ref

is ISBN 085052 739 9

Has any one got or read this book. If so, is there much in the way of reference to the 11th Division in there ? My hard earned has a long way to travel and I need to be selective in what I buy. feedback anyone ?

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I have this book, it's a very good work on the ASC, although slightly hard work for the casual reader.

There's no mention in the index of 11th Division, although the text and tables have references to the individual companies.

I'll have a look....


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And yes it is a very good book. If your man was in the ASC, drop a line to the Corps Museum:

The Royal Logistic Corps Museum

Princess Royal Barracks




GU16 6RW

Tel 01252 833371

E-mail information@rlcmuseum.com

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