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Remembered Today:

Lt. Ethelbert Wood M.C. W. Rid., Regt.

Cliff. Hobson

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Quote Local Paper- Lt. Ethelbert Wood 5th Oct., 1917.

At present in London Hospital suffering from Neuresthania the

the result of the exploit which won for him the M.C.

Can someone please tell me , was this an Officer's version of

shell shock.

Cliff. Hobson.

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Well it was a very common term at the time, it was the one used as a diagnosis for both Sassoon and Owen but I don't think it was reserved for officers.

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From the Columbia Encyclopedia " a condition characterized by general lassitude, irritability, lack of concentration, worry and hypochondria....the term was incorrectly applied to almost any psyconeurosis and has largely been abandoned."

Terry Reeves

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