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Remembered Today:

Schedule for a concert


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Tunes include ..

Fare Ye Well Enniskillen

1st World War marching medley -- long way, pack up etc etc

Green Fields of France,

Band PLayed Waltzin' Matilda (for Ballymena Aussies)

Cock O' The North (for those who chose to wear the kilt)

Ulster Division


Choirs doing loads of WW1 songs ... Observe the Sons of Ulster Drama segment etc

And a lot more ...

Plus some good readings and poetry too.

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Sounds good, des. I assume you'll be posting it on Youtube before long? ;)

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MOi - le technology .. non.

Je suis crap at le YouTube like innit.

Comme ci comme ca the bloke what does the IT may be travailling at it.

Moi ... je suis speetang on the le hi tech. Je suis un artiste.

Avant le revolution etc and that kind of thing (careful like)

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You know, Des....I've just realised I wasn't the only one in Live Chat last night who was looking at life through an empty glass..... :lol: That barrieduncan was not a well man either.

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