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18th Hussars and Reserve Cavalry Regiment


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Could anyone help with some info about 6267 Ernest J Rose and any action the 18th Hussars were engaged in during May 1915.

I was doing some research into why he was discharged on the 15.05.1915 as I cannot find any record of him being wounded and found that he had two MIC's, one for the Hussars and another for the 11th Reserve Cavalry Regiment. I presumed that he was discharged from the Hussars into the Reserve Cavalry, yet on Reserve Cav MIC it states he enlisted 12/01/03 and was discharged 15/05/1915.

Any info on the 18th Hussars during May 1915, the 11th Reserve Cav and why there appears to be two MIC's would be appreciated.



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This was the time of 2nd Ypres and the 18th Hussars were part of 1 Cavalry Division. They are listed in the Long Long Trail as taking part in the Battle of Frezenburg from 8-13 May 1915. It is feasible that your subject was incapacitated here and moved out on 15 May.

I have seen two MIcs as well for other subjects. In my case the second MIC only showed a SWB issue.

I shall take a look at the Reserve situation and may return to this subject later.

Best wishes


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