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German nurses and female helpers, KIA

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Any information is very welcome on the following nurses and female helpers who are resting at Vladslo German Military Cemetary.

Thanks ! :unsure:

Schwester Martha Charlet from Kaiserliches Lazarett 31 F, who died 13 February 1917

Krankenschwester Maria Eiblweiser of the Kaiserliches Lazarett Hochberg, died 4 April 1918 Hochberg was a hospital near Tournai or Doornik.

Krankenschwester Leutberta Herbst, Kaiserliches Lazarett 664 Abteilung 20 who died 10 October 1918

Schwester Lisa Rothermund of Kaiserliches Lazarett 130, died 29 October 1918

Schwester Kinnia Wäcschle of Kaiserliches Lazarett 130, died 7 October 1918

Helferin Ilse Böhm died 2 November 1918

Helferin Käthe Helfrich

Helferin Gertrud Sellingsloch of the Mob. Komm. Transport Antwerpen died 13 November 1913

Helferin Anne Schoesse died 21 October 1918

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Luckily some people over here understand that it is an enormous amount of work to try to find out some basic data on over a thousand people...

The part on Vladslo German military cemetary only is for the moment 38 pages...

On the main German forum this topic seems not to be appreciated by someone, for one reason or another...

He feels I should do the research for every unit in the archives and books. For just all the Belgian, French, German, American, Italian and Commonwealth military cemetaries of the whole province of West-Flanders. Unit per unit, soldier by soldier. I think we'll need 3 normal lifes for that...

However, it seems clear that nobody overthere seems to know even anything on the subject...

It's just a last try I'm doing to find out more on them. Perhaps within a few years when I go back to Freiburg, but the book will be published by that time...

Best from Johan

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I sympathize with you. I've had people try to give me massive research and/or writing tasks, all in the name of "history."

Pete Eisen

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