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Canadian veterans hospital based pins post ww1

John Gilinsky

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Does anyone know of any other post-ww1 veterans pins specifically for CANADIAN HOSPITALS that dealt with either custodially and/or in active treatment wise CEF veterans or other WWI veterans?

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Do you mean post WW1 or do you mean WW2?

I mean POST-World WAR ONE that encompass ww2's period as the above pinback obviously does. Christie Street Hospital was essentially if not nearly exclusively for ww1 Canadian vets located in Toronto. With the building of Sunnybrook Veteran's Hospital in midtown Toronto at the very end of the war along with other factors it was condemned as unfit for human habitation(!) and demolished in the late 1940s. The pin above is fascinating because it crosses over BOTH WARS asking ww1 vets to think of ww2! Again anyone else come across any of these CROSS OVER world war vet pins especially for CEF Canadian vets?


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