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Remembered Today:

Les Conseils de L'Ancien

Dan Morton

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This is based on a Georges Scott 1915 illustration, which I'm sure many of you have seen. It's unpainted so far because I'm a modeller / sculptor, not a painter. Marc Megroot, a very talented Dutch painter will be doing the honors. Use of the 17th infantry regiment was purely arbitrary on my part. 1s and 7s were relatively easy to sculpt into regimental insignia on the figures! :blink: I have a lot of trouble doing 8s!!!

The reason there are so many different colors of putty is I use different colors to help me differentiate between parts. The light grey color is the one I use the most, but I've found that it I use only it, I sometimes have difficulty seeing detail that I'm working on. The putty is all Magicsculpt. The heads, some hands, the Lebel rifles, boots and various other bits are resin parts from kits.

Les Conseils de L'Ancien, 1915

Veteran French soldier of the 17th Regiment - flesh tones of this soldier should be much darker than recruit, beard brown or reddish brown streaked with grey, brown or reddish brown eyebrows

M1914 kepi, medium grey, black leather bill and chin strap

M1914 simplified greatcoat with one pocket, horizon blue, 17th regiment insignia in dark blue and yellow with blue stripes, dark blue 5-pointed star on left sleeve only, it shows extensive wear and damage, very muddy

Brown cotton stock above collar of great coat

Patterned home-made grey head scarf worn over ears, under hat and around neck

M1886/93 Lebel rifle, three shot clip, bolt action, 8 mm caliber and distinctive thin triangular bayonet in holder

M1892 haversack, greenish grey

M1877 one liter water bottle, covered in light grey blue cloth

M1914 trousers of pantalon-culotte style, loose in the thigh and tight from the knee down, reddish brown, torn and showing wear

Puttees in khaki drab cloth, very muddy

M1912 boots, brown, scuffed and worn, very muddy

Recruit French soldier of the 17th Regiment - dressed in similar fashion, no head scarf, no star on great coat, M1914 trousers in medium grey, M1877 water bottle in dark blue, putties grey, kepi horizon blue cover but otherwise same, all clothing fresh and newly issued.

Hope you like it!

All the best,







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A very impressive piece of work Dan. I would be pleased to see another photo when Marc has done his bit.

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Thanks TD60! Glad you like it!

I think Scott was one of the most gifted illustrators of his age with a warm, simple touch and a marvelous artistic style. His studies of Poilus of every year of the war are terrific! Les Conseils de L'Ancien moved me the first time I saw it. Actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. To me it says things about the brotherhood of arms, comradeship, nurturing and survival.

Hope everyone enjoys it!

All the best,


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