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George Doy- RAF no traces


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Hi everyone!

Ive been to see a relative today who happend to have a couple of Edwardian related medals. One was the Jubilee medal from 1897 and the other was the British war medal of the first world war. Imprinted along the rim as standard were the following details

196717 Pte 2 G.T Doy RAF

I assume this would be Thomas George Doy my Great granddad who I believed to be working on the fishing fleets off the north eastcoast during ww1, there are many a story relateing to this. If this is him his service was never mentioned which further complicates the search.

I cant find any trace of him on the national archives site and was hoping someone with some fresh eyes might be able to double check for me, as im becomeing more an more frustrated as this is a usually simple find.

Any help finding this man would be greatly appreciated.



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all I could assume, maybe he enlisted in the RAF first (hence the naming on the rim being the first enlistment) but then seconded elsewhere, RAF records, Kew or Innsworth.

dont suppose it was typo error RFA fleet auxilliary?? naval records then??

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cant see it either - what are the other medals - might be relevant

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