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Lt Col Frederick Fail OBE RAVC


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I'm researching this officer and already have quite a bit about him but, if anyone can add anything, I'd be grateful.

I believe he served with the RAVC and had postings in Egypt, India, the Med and Ireland. He received a wounded pension, completed 20 years service in 1920, lived in Picadilly, London and died at the Hospital for Officers, Brighton in 1950.

TIA. Adrian

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I'm never offended by good advice! Thanks for taking the time to write. I have already gone down the Kew route and have a pretty good general outline of Fail's history. It's the fine detail to flesh it out that I'm pursuing now. Thanks again.


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From the London Gazette:

LG 15-5-1903


The undermentioned civilian Veterinary-Surgeons to be-Veterinary-Lieutenants, on augmentation.

Dated 16th May, 1903:—

Frederick Fail.

LG 19-5-1908


Army Veterinary Corps, The undermentioned Lieutenants to be Captains. Dated 16th May, 1908 :—

Frederick Fail.

LG 2-7-1909


Army Veterinary Corps, Captain Frederick Fail is seconded for service with the Egyptian Army. Dated 18th June, 1909.

LG 25-7-1916

Whitehall, July 22, 1916.

The KING has been pleased to give and grant unto the undermentioned Ofhcers His Majesty's Royal licence and authority to accept and wear Decorations (as stated against their respective names) which have been conferred upon them by His Highness the Sultan of Egypt in recognition of valuable services rendered by them: —

Fourth Class of the Order of the Nile.

Major Frederick Fail, Army Veterinary Corps, late Egyptian Army.

LG 21-10-1919


R.A.V.C.—Maj. F. Fail relinquishes the actg. rank of Lt.-Col. on ceasing to be empld. as A.D.V.S. 2nd June 1919.

LG 5-1-1920



Maj. F. Fail, O.B.E., retires on ret. pay, 6th Jan. 1920, and is granted the rank of Lt.-Col.

LG 17-5-1920


R.A.V.C.—The undermentioned are restd. to the estabt.: —

24th Aug. 1914.

Capt. F. Fail, O.B.E. (Since ret.)

{Bit of a late one, that!}

LG 18-7-1922


The undermentioned Lt.-Cols., ret. pay, to be Lt.-Cols.: —

F. Fail, O.B.E., 6th Jan. 1920, wirth seniority 3rd Feb. 1919.

{Implying he was first promoted Lt. Col. from the earlier date}

LG 27-8-1929

The undermentioned having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.: —


Lt.-Col. F. Fail, O.B.E. 2nd Aug. 1929.

{That usual implies his birthday was 2nd August)

Hope there is something there that helps,


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Thanks Steve. All good stuff. Adrian

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  • 3 years later...

Lieutenant Colonel, Frederick Fail. O.B.E.

Army Veterinary Department. Royal Army Veterinary Corps, attached Egyptian Army.


Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Military Division.

Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1900, Cape Colony, Orange Free State Civ. Vet. F.Fail A.V.D.

King’s South Africa Medal 1900-2, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 Civ.Vet.F.Fail A.V.D.

1914 Star with clasp

British War Medal

Victory Medal

Khedive's Sudan Medal, Sudan 1912

Order of the Nile 4th Class


Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Military Division, (LG 3rd June 1919). Qualified at the Royal Dick Veterinary College, Edinburgh, on the 21st May 1898 and saw service in South Africa as a civilian Veterinary Surgeon attached to the Army Veterinary Department for 3 years, 130 days. Operations in the Orange Free State May 1900; operations in the Orange River Colony, September 29th to November 1900. Operations in the Cape Colony south of the Orange River, February -April and June – December, 1900. Operations in Cape Colony, November 1900- May 1902. Lieutenant, 16th May 1903, Second tour of South Africa, 16th May 1903 to 21st December 1903. Capatain, 16th May 1908. Operations against the Bair and Anuak Tribes in South-eastern Sudan, 1912. Was on camel purchasing commissions in Egypt and The Sudan during the Great War. Mentioned in despatches, LG 5th June 1919. Lt-Col 3rd February 1919 (reserve of Officers) Retired, Lt-Col (R.A.V.C.) 6th January 1920. Died 18th March 1950.

“Colonel Fail was a very loveable person who was always kind and charitable to everyone. He had a distinguished military record and retired in 1920. In his day he was a fine hourseman and rode a good race, which old friends from India days back in 1910 or thereabouts can well remember”

ATB, Brian.

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