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Dear All,

There are a few loose ends that I've beeing trying to sort out on and off for a year or two.

This enquiry relates to Lt. Col. AWC Major who was in Archangel, Russia between 1918 and 1919.

His MOD records have these entries under 'Special Services in Peace or War'.

1. Picked up live French mortar shell during a demonstration Archangel, February 1919. Thanks in Russian Orders by General Morroushevski and received letter from General Ironside.

2. Quelled uprising of 1st Battalion Archangel Rifles in Archangel. Thanks by General Needham in Orders.

3. Recommended by Col. Borron VC and Col Edwards DSO for operations in Zempzova against Bolsheviks in March 1919.

I have tried many times at National Archives without success to find the four bits of paperwork mentioned.

I have also looked at Ironside's book without joy.

Who will be my hero for finding them?


George Major

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