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Remembered Today:

New Work - Halberstadt CL.II

Russell Smith

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Well, this one is finished.

Into the War Zone

oil on linen, 16" x 26"

(it doesn't have an owner yet)

You all might remember the 2 color studies for it that I posted a couple of weeks ago:


The Halberstadt CLII was originally designed in mid 1916 as a two-seat escort fighter. Built in considerable numbers, the CL.II first began to see service on the front lines in the summer of 1917. Although it was designed as a two-seat fighter to escort reconnaissance and photographic aircraft., Idflieg had by this time come to appreciate the importance of close-support aircraft operating with infantry attacks and the duties were accordingly varied.

With its distinctive communal cockpit facilitating improved co-operation by the aircrew, the Halberstadt proved admirably suited to the new role and with the unusual one piece elevator providing exemplary longitudional balance, was generally regarded as the best ground-attack aircraft of the war.

This particular machine flew with Schlasta 26b, a Bavarian unit known for its distinctive flame markings.


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