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Acting Serjeant, RFA


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Good evening,

can someone explain what an Acting Serjeant was? I presume it was a temporary appointment but would it have been 'filling in a gap' type roll until a new Serjeant was found or a kind of probation period before being made a full Serjeant (or not!).

I ask this as my G-Grandfather attained this rank:

Medal card of Richardson, Christopher S

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Field Artillery 98233 Shoeing Smith Corporal

Royal Field Artillery 98233 Acting Serjeant

but was still a Shoeing Smith Corporal on his SWB roll entry. (Demotion at some point?)

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Acting Sgt is a rank that has an equivalent status as a Sgt (albeit not legally a rank), but has been granted by a Commanding Officer and can be taken away by him. A try before you buy or to be made up to fill billets before his Corp order a replacement. Not demoted, as may not have been qualified to be a Sgt but fulfilled his roll.

Regards Charles

Not easy without putting H & E .

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