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Hi all

not sure if i am in correct thread so forgive me if i am wrong.

i have been trying to research my wifes gt grand father for a little while and got nowhere .

i have cwgc listing of death and medal details .

he was buried in salonika ( lembet rd ) Military Cem

so the question is was salonika a battle front ?

it seems to me with so many hospitals etc prob not.

it also appears as a rough rider was a horse trainer or something of the like.

so how would i find out if he was moved to hospital there from some other area and if so where would be most likely ?

he died 27/08/1917

Lawrence, Sidney

Rough Rider

45th Remounts

as you can see i am not very good at explaining what i mean but hope you gert the idea


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I've just got an interest in the Salonika Campaign. My grandfather was in the Surrey Yeomanry, 28th Division - B Squadron and in the 16th Cavalry Corps, 28th Division.

See this page from this site which explains about the campaign


There is also a Salonika Campaign Society that still exists, including members that are descendants of people that were in Salonika, see the link below.


The site above, has links mentioned on its left hand menu page that take you to other sites that make interesting reading. A couple of the links don't work but one has loads of info about a chap's grandad in the 27th Division, that is useful to read.

There is also a book that i must get, called 'Under the Devil's Eye' which is written by a couple of people that belong to this forum.

Happy Researching!

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i know it is a long time since my post but as an update it appears he died from malaria in hospital

do not know which hospital and am not sure if it possable to find that out

i signed to this forum to try and find out about his death etc and the information was prunted inlocal paper at the time which someone was kind enough to point in the direction

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