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As some will know,I am researching the BRISTOL ROLL OF HONOUR.Well I have a problem.I have this soldier named ARTHUR GEORGE ERNEST TAYLOR.ROYAL FUSILIERS(CITY OF LONDON REGIMENT)7th BATTLION.LT(A/CAPT) DIED OF WOUNDS 26/05/17.A this from soldiers that died.BUTmy record shows that he was the holder of,MC,DCM,MM I can find no record of him in CWGC,or MIC,or by trauling through the internet.

Pals my question to you is.DID HE EXIST??? or is this an elaborate hoax ??? The combination of medals seems to me to be unlikely.If it is likely WHY can he not be found???Surely a highly decorated soldier like this would be recorded in many places???

I am appealing to you for your help observations comments.



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not shown in the DCM recipients for ww1 under taylor - the royal fusiliers city of london regt

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it may be a case of trawling the officers records.

I had a quick look at the online catalogue references for the NA, and the following turned up:

WO 339/8604 TAYLOR A G, Capt

But then, there were many, many other Taylor, A officers, so it may require a trip to the NA to sort this one out.



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In my experience men who were promoted into officers quite often changed regiments when doing so. Therefore the MM and DCM were awarded to your man (probably) when he was serving witha different Regt.

Hope this helps



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That occured to me too but posted what I did to rule it out...

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Hi There,

It looks as if this could be record from the CWGC of yer man... acting Capt. 7th R.Fus. 1 day difference in Date of Death.


Initials: G E

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Captain (A)

Regiment/Service: Royal Fusiliers

Unit Text: 7th Bn.

Secondary Regiment: Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve

Secondary Unit Text: attd. R.N. Div.

Date of Death: 27/05/1917

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: VI. G. 13.


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Guest speckled jim

Hi - the post from Audax on 29/9/6 is correct; I have a lot of Arthur Taylor's personal info and also have his MM. Further, the war diary of the 7th Royal Fusiliers (WO 95 3119 1 1) on page 71/130 lists him as Temp Capt 2nd Lt A.G.E. Taylor (MC, DCM, MM, C de G). A lot of the problem with his record is that he was promoted from the ranks & his original file was lost; a new one being created circa 1920. If you want the details please drop me a line. All The Best, Nick

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Capture.JPGThe original officers index Index has a Capt A.G.E. Taylor with an orignal reference no 193139. Searching gives the following NA file


WO 339/102448


There is another A.G.E. Taylor but he is KRRC's

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A bit late, perhaps, but this might help. It's a cropped image from a photograph I believe was taken by my grandfather, S.R. Fisher.

IMG (7).jpg

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