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WW1 Absent Voters list for Ashford, Kent 1918

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Jonathan Saunders

I dont know the location but I seem to recall someone had transcribed some of the Ashford region AVLs and published them in a local history publication that cost about £5 per region. Might be worth looking on ebay or searching the web.

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I have a copy of this it is produced by brickwall research go to www.brickwallresearch.co.uk

Best Regards


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Thankyou both for your replies. Yes, I realise that there is a CD publication available. Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to purchase any new resources at present but I did have the opportunity to visit Ashford library yesterday where I was hoping to find them. The local studies librarian said that they don't have the originals there nor do the Centre for Kentish Studies at Maidstone though the latter do have the CD. I found it surprising that they didn't have the CD even if they don't have the originals but never mind - I'll contact the CKS direct to see if they can shed any light on their whereabouts.

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