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Lt Gen Morland of X Corps


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If any pal has the following books and is willing scan the references to Lt Gen Thomas Morland it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure how often the KRRC Chronicle was published so it may require a little search. To make that easier, Morland died in May 1925.

Crozier, FP. Five Hard Years (1932)

King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle (1925)

The message from IanA below refers to an ealier request for information, not the two books above.

Regards and thanks in advance

Andy Macdonald


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I not only have it to hand - I have it in my hand. I'll trot up to the scanner and e-mail it as an attachment.



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Frustratingly a former colleague of mine was related to Morland and promised me access to his diaries. He left and is now working abroad... they would have made interesting reading - as I understand he was one of the few Corps commanders to survive the 1st July 16?

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