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Remembered Today:

The loyal north lancashire regiment


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Hi to all.

This is my first post.

My grandfather served in the loyal north lancashire regiment and discharged due to injuries received in belgium. I don't know much about him i was hoping that some kind person could help me.

his name is william reece he came from liverpool i think he was born in 1895 his mothers name was margaret reece his fathers name was george reece i belive they lived in great homer street liverpool.

if any one can help i would be most grateful.

regards bernie.

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Welcome to the Forum.

If you click the link to the Long Long Trail (top left of this page) and then read through the "research" section, it should tell you all you need to know about how to find out about his service.

Good luck


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The Medal Index Cards, available online, show only two men of the name William Reece serving with the Loyal North Lancs. It will cost you £3.50 to download the card but with luck they will both be on the same page (there are 6 cards to a page).

If you do download the cards, post them onto this thread and we can help you to decipher the notes thereon.

The museum of the Loyals (which is doesn't hold records of individuals other than in exceptional cases) is at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, Lancashire.

Good luck,


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Hi Ken, Please can you tell me how I go about getting the 'Medal Index Cards' online. Then when I do get them, How do I post them onto the thread, I've never done this before.I am most grateful for your help. It sounds promising, that there are only two William Reece serving with the Loyal North Lancs. Thanks, Bernie.

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go to this page


this will take you to the basic MIC which you can pay for on line and it will download the expanded file for you, all we get is a taster which is usefull as we can make sure its the right one, before paying.

you can then save it in 'my documents' then , 'my pictures' folder.

save as a jpeg it wont take up as much room.

when done you can do a reply using the button +add a reply , write a few words as Im doing now and scroll down to File Attachments. click browse, this should take you to your picture folder. find the file/pic you just saved as a jpeg click once this will write in the white box to the left and then click in the Add this attachment box.

once done , click add reply down the bottom.

if you get a warning about the size you may have to open the jpeg in paint and adjust the size with the toolbar.

good luck

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OK, here is the MIC, although part of it has been cropped off.

The information from the card is:

24300 Private William Reece served overseas with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

He enlisted on 9th May 1916 and was discharged on 27th February, 1919 unfit for further service as per Paragraph 392 (xvi), King's Regulations. I think the 'w' note refers to the discharge being as a result of 'wounds' as opposed to sickness.

He was entitled to the British War & Victory Medals and the Silver War Badge.

You would need to check the actual Medal Rolls and SWB Roll at the National Archives, Kew, for further information. His service record, if it still exists, will be there, too.

I hope that helps,



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I have posted the SWB, to you Cheers Roy

Hi roy

I would like to say thank you for the swb .

I don't suppose you would know how old he was when he enlisted.

if there is any more info on him i would appreciate it very much .

kind regards.


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