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Sniperley Hall, Durham - ASC link?


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Anyone know anything about Sniperley Hall in Durham during WW1?

Charles Curren Private M2/019869(019809/019309) in the ASC MT unit lists his residence as Sniperley Hall at the time of his marriage in 1917 and his marriage cert shows his occupation at Chauffeur in the ASC.

so I'm wondering if he could have been based at Sniperley Hall but I'm struggling to find out much about it.



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I suspect that Sniperley hall was one of many fine country houses demolished in County Durham during the 1960's.

The name still exists in local placenames in and around Durham, partuicularly to the west of the City. In particular I found the name in the village of Brandon. This is not far from Brancepth Castle which was for many years a depot for the DLI.


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You could well be right John. It's almost impossible to find out much about it on the internet. Thanks.


Phil, I appreciate this post is a YEAR late, but little to do at present but search for entries about the Durhams.

Sniperley Hall does indeed still exist and I have past it on many occasions when I attend meetings at a nearby NHS establishment whose employ I am in.

It lies on the A691 Durham to Consett Road about a half mile from the Junction with the A167, just past the Sniperley Park and Ride centre for Durham City.

Heres a link on Rootsweb with some limited info.


If you Google Sniperley Hall on Google Maps you'll get a good idea.

If my memory serves me right I think it is now a Childrens Nursery School.



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