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Remembered Today:

Daniel Sandford


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I wonder whether any forum members have information on Daniel Sandford (a pre-war Indian Army officer who became a tank officer).

He is the grandfather of a friend of mine - apparently he was the CO of an officer called Lush if that helps.

Any help is appreciated.


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Think this may be your man

Description Medal card of Sandford, Daniel Arthur

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Garrison Artillery Captain

Royal Garrison Artillery Major

Royal Garrison Artillery Brevet Lieutenant Colonel

May also have been awarded the CBE & OBE at some time as well.

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Thanks for the quick reply - I doubt that he is the same man. The Daniel Sandford that I am looking for was definitely Indian Army. In WW2 he became involved in the fighting in Ethiopia with Wingate.

Family history is that he was involved with the early tanks in WW1 which is the part that I am trying to verify.



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I'll check the Gibot/Gorzinski book on Cambrai - he may get a mention as the bulk of tank officers seem to have been present

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Checked Tank Corps Honours and Awards,no mention of Him or a Lush.

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I think John has your man:

The Times 24-1-1972


And he married a Miss Lush !


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London Gazette entries:

LG 2-2-1916

To be Companions of the Distinguished Service Order.

Major Daniel Arthur Sanolford, Royal Artillery.


LG 16-9-1918

Bar to DSO

Maj. Daniel Arthur Sandford, D.S.O., R.G.A.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during the enemy offensive, especially on the first day, when he succeeded in bringing

successfully out of action his three widely-separated sections, and later in the afternoon, under shell and machine-gun fire, he kept his battery at work until 7.30 p.m., when the enemy were within 1,000 yards of

his position. On the following day, after sending his battery back, he went forward into a village and stayed there till noon, bringing back valuable information.

(D.S.O. gazetted 2nd February, 1916.)


LG 24-2-1916

War Office,

24th February, 1916.

The President of the French Republic has bestowed the decoration of the Legion of Honour, with the approval of His Majesty the King, on the undermentioned Officers, in recognition of their distinguished service during the campaign: —

Croix de Chevalier.

Major Daniel Arthur Sandford, D.S.O., Royal Artillery.


LG 21-4-1914

Foreign, Office,

January 1, 1914.

The KING has been graciously pleased to appoint—

Captain Daniel Arthur Sandford to be His Majesty's Consul at Adis Ababa; and Norman King, Esq., to be His Majesty's Consul in German East Africa, to reside at Dar-es-Salaam.


LG 21-8-1900

The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military Academy, to be Second Lieutenants.

Dated 18th August, 1900 :—.

Martyn Rogers Strover.

Edward Richard Lyndale Browning.

Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding.

Daniel Arthur Sandford.

(A familar name in their as well....)


LG 14-4-1942


St. James's Palace, S.W.I.

16th April, 1942.

The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, in recognition of gallant

and distinguished services in the Middle East ' during the period July, 1941, to October, To be Additional Commanders of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: —

Brigadier (temporary) Daniel Arthur Sandford, D.S.O., O.B.E. (12438), retired pay, late Royal Regiment of Artillery (Dewhirst, Surrey).


LG 27-5-1949

Haile Selassie I Military Medal with 2 Palms.

War Office, 27th May, 1949.

The KING has been pleased to grant unrestricted permission for the wearing of the following decorations which have been conferred on the undermentioned

personnel in recognition of distinguished services in the cause of the Allies:—


Brig, (temp.) Daniel Arthur SANDFORD, C.B.E., D.S.O. (12438), late Royal Regiment of Artillery.

LG 20-6-1952

Whitehall, June 20, 1952.

The QUEEN has been pleased to give and grant unto Brigadier Daniel Arthur Sandford, C.B.E., D.S.O., Her Majesty's Royal licence and authority to wear the Insignia of Commander of the Order of the Trinity, which Decoration has been conferred upon him by His Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia, in recognition of valuable services rendered by him as Director of the Municipality of Addis Ababa.



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Anyway - alsmost certainly your man but no mention of tanks.

On to Who's Who, methinks.

Here he is:

SANDFORD, Brigadier; Daniel Arthur (b. London, 1882 - d. 22 January 1972)

CBE 1942 (OBE 1941); DSO 1916; late Royal Garrison Artillery;

son of late Ven. E. G. Sandford, Archdeacon of Exeter; married 1918, Christine, CBE 1966, only daughter of H. S. Lush, High Croft Terr., Brighton; two sons four daughters. Education: St Paul's; RMA, Woolwich. Work: 2nd Lt RGA 1900; Sudan Govt Administration, 1910-1913; HM Consul at Addis Ababa, Abyssinia, 1914; served Sudan, 1910 (medal and clasp); European War, 1914-1918 (wounded, despatches, DSO and bar, Legion of Honour); retired pay, 1922; resident in Abyssinia, 1920-1936, farming; Adviser to Governor of Maji Province, Ethiopia, 1935; resident in England during Italian occupation of Ethiopia; joined Officers' Emergency Reserve, September 1939; June 1940, Head of Mission 101 (with rank of Col) which entered Ethiopia to assist patriots 6 months before British troops; Principal Military and Political Adviser to Emperor Haile Selassie with rank of Brig., February 1941; reverted to Unemployed List to become Principal Adviser to the Ministry of Interior, Ethiopian Government, April 1942; Personal Adviser to Emperor, 1944; Director General of Addis Ababa Municipality, 1945-1948. Now resident in Ethiopia, farming and, with wife, interested in a Community Development project. Haile Selassie Medal of Ethiopia with palm, 1942; Comdr Order of Selassie, 1951. Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; c/o Lloyds Bank, 6 Pall Mall, London SW1. Clubs: Royal Commonwealth Society.

© A&C Black Publishers Ltd 2006

APA | MLA | Chicago : Citing this entry

SANDFORD, Brigadier; Daniel Arthur (b. London, 1882 - d. 22 January 1972). Who's Who 2006 and Who Was Who 1897-2005 (2005). Retrieved 12 September 2006, from xreferplus. http://www.xreferplus.com/entry/5417600


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Can't see Sandford in the list of tank officers at Cambrai

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More from the Gazette:

LG 22-7-1902

The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants:-

Hugh C. T. Dpwding, vice. C. E. Rathbone, seconded. Dated 8th May, 1902.

Daniel A. Sandford, vice F. H. Lister, seconded. Dated 22nd May, 1902.


LG 1-11-1907

Lieutenant Daniel A. Sandford is seconded whilst going through the Gunnery Staff Course at the School of Gunnery. Dated 7th October,


Supernumerary Lieutenant Herbert E. Dunsterville to be Lieutenant, vice D. A. Sandford. Dated 7th October, 1907.


LG 16-10-1908

Supernumerary Lieutenant Daniel A. Sandford to be Lieutenant, vice R. V. Douglas, appointed an Instructor in Gunnery (Second Class).

Dated 5th October; 1908.


LG 1-10-1909

Royal Garrison Artillery,

Lieutenant Daniel A. Sandford is seconded for service as Assistant Instructor in Gunnery, Aden. Dated 14th September, 1909.

Supernumerary Lieutenant Leopold G. Matterson is retored to the establishment, vice D. A. Sandford. Dated 27th September, 1909.


LG 26-7-1913

Royal Garrison Artillery,

The undermentioned Lieutenants to be Captains under the provisions of Article 27A, Royal Warrant for Pay and Promotion, 1909. Dated 18th August, 1913: —

Martyn R. R. Strover, and to remain seconded.

Hugh C. T. Dowding, and to remain seconded.

Daniel A. Sandford, and to remain seconded.


LG 14-1-1916

To be Brevet Majors.

Captain D. A. Sandford, Royal Artillery.


LG 8-3-1921


R.G.A. Maj. & Bt. Lt. Col. D. A. Sandford, D.S.O., is placed on the h.p. list. 23rd Sept. 1920.


LG 12-12-1922


The undermentioned retire on ret. pay. 13th Dec. 1922: —

Maj. & Bt. Lt.-Col, D. A. Sandford, D.S.O., h.p. list, late R.G.A.


LG 10-9-1937



The undermentioned having attained the age limit of liability to .recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.: —


Maj. (Bt. Lt.-Col.) D. A. Sandford, D.S.O. 11th Sept. 1937.

(This was usually on or around the man's 55th Birthday)


LG 1-9-1939


The undermentioned to be 2nd Lts. and to be granted actg. rank as stated. 25th Aug. 1939: —

Maj. & Bt. Lt.-Col. D. A. Sandford, D.S.O., Actg. Maj.


(Bit of an odd one that....)

LG 20-7-1944

War Office, 21st July, 1944.

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field: —

Commands and Staff.

Brig, (temp.) D. A. Sandford, C.B.E., D.S.O. (12438), late R.A. (ret. pay).



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This would be him and his family on the 1891 Census:

Name: Danial A Sandford

Age: 8

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1883

Relation: Son

Father's name: Ernest G

Mother's name: Ethel M R

Gender: Male

Where Born: Landkey, Devon, England

Civil parish: The Close

Ecclesiastical parish: The Close

Town: Exeter

County/Island: Devon

Country: England

Street address: Cathedral Yard

Registration district: Exeter

Sub registration district: Exeter Eastern

Household Members: Name Age

Ernest G Sandford 51 (Archdeacon ..... of Exeter)

Alice E Sandford 53

Ethel M R Sandford 39

Temple C G Sandford 13

Ernest J Sandford 12

Elizabeth A Sandford 11

Joseph R P Sandford 10

Danial A Sandford 8

Ethie H Sandford 7

Thomas F Sandford 4

Francis H Sandford 3

I know, I've overdone it again. Back away from the mouse sir...


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Many thanks to everyone. BRILLIANT as ever!!

(Sorry for doubting you John).

Interesting that the family story is that he was involved with tanks. Perhaps his unit supported a tank attack?

My best wishes to you all...


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi there

My Great Uncle was Daniel Arthur Sandford, who was involved with Haile Selassie. Will try to contact my cousin to see if they know anything about his involvements with tanks

Yours Helen

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