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Remembered Today:

'Reninheist-Ouderom reserve line'

Damon Kennard

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My Great Uncle Percy Douglas KENNARD was killed according to his battalion diary (2/6th Btn S.Staffs Reg)in the 'Reninheist-Ouderom reserve line' on the 2nd May 1918.

I am travelling out next Tuesday to visit his grave at Klein-Vierstraat and would like to try and establish the location of this trench, if indeed it was a trench?

I have looked on modern maps and wonder whether 'Ouderom' was in fact a typo and should have read Ouderdom which is just west of Reninheist?

Can anybody shed some light on the 'Reninheist-Ouderom reserve line'?

Thanking you in anticipation,

Damon Kennard

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name='Chris_Baker' date='Sep 10 2006, 08:57 AM' post='514600']

The spellings were Reninghelst (which today has no h) and Ouderdom.

Here's a trench map of the area, if you've got any grid references I can try to pinpoint the area.


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Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your assistance. Unfortunately all I have in terms of reference is an extract from the war diary, my great uncle would appear to have been the only man killed that day!

I tried to attach the jpeg but was prevented from doing so! Possibly user-error as I am very new to this so I'll type the entry as follows:

2/6th Battalion. The South Staffordshire Regiment

1918 Appendix

May. Reningheist

1st. The Battalion still in reserve in the Reningheist - Ouderom Reserve line.

Slight enemy shelling - working party of 3 off. & 300 O.R under R.E supervision.

Lt. Col H.M.C. Curtis, DSO awarded bar to D.S.O. 2/Lieut S.G. Maitland awarded

Military Cross. Casualties during day:- 3 killed, 6 wounded.

2nd 3 off. 300 O.R. working party under R.E supervision - 1 O.R killed.

Further men were killed on following days before the Battalion retired to Watou on the 6th and then Lederzeele on the 7th.

I am off tomorrow mid morning so the map you have already supplied will be of great assistance, if you think you could narrow it down in the interim that would much appreciated. I am not familiar with trench maps.

Thanks again,


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Hi Damon,

I think that's as good as you'll get unless there are any grid references, or if it mentions any rest camps in the diary.


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