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157th (City of Aberdeen) Brigade RFA, 35th Division

Lost in Tilloy

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Can I ask if anyone has any information on the location of the of 157th (City of Aberdeen) Brigade, RFA, 35th Division, between the time they arrived in France [30th Jan 1916] and the opening of the Battle of the Somme.

I'm researching Lt Robert Gilroy Bannerman [KIA 25th July 1916, Montauban] who served in 'B' Battery of this unit. I have plenty of personal info on him, but I know nothing about where his unit first served in France.

Any help appreciated.



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After completion of training on Salisbury Plain, the Division embarked for France in January and early February 1916, being assembled near St-Omer. It then moved south and spent the first weeks of trench familiarisation in the Arras area.

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