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German postcard translation request


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I have in my collection this German-manufactured postcard, and wonder whether someone here can help me with a translation of what it says at the bottom. This is the card:


And a closer look at the inscription:


This card was mailed to Hungary from the Austro-Hungarian naval base at Pola in January 1916, evidently by a Hungarian officer serving there. Part of the message reads "Land Radio, Marinefeldpostamt Pola"; can anyone make out the rest? Here's a look:


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It is a tricky little task to put this sort of romantic gush into recognisable English with the same sense of the over-the-top emotion of the original. Here is a(somewhat free) attempt at conveying the basic thought. I hope someone else will have a go, then we can compare approaches and the nuances of the German!

The sea is calling me away

Bon Voyage to you, my [source] of happiness and joy,

the warmth when our eyes meet once more

Radiant like the golden rays of the sun

[Falling] on the blissful happiness of our reunion.

Pass the sick bag.


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To be honest I started an attempt, but getting an honest English translation was hard. Plus the barf bag wasn't handy! ;)

Absender = Sender XXX Brother XXX

K u K = Kaizerlich und Koniglich (Emperor and King)


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You're a braver man than I, Gunga Din ....

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Your rendering of that ditty's

As good as anyone could do

The rest is:

Absender/Sender: [abbreviated rank or trade] Brudergeia

KuK. Sammelstelle I/His Imperial Majesty's Collection Depot I

Land Radio

Marinefeldpostamt Pola/Naval Field Post Office Pola


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