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Does anyone know if Louth Territorials (probably 5th Battalion) or Kitchener's Army men from Louth(probably 10th Battalion) were assigned to particular companies?

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No-one in particular so far, but I could narrow it down - I'll look on the Louth Roll of Honour and see if I can find a few examples.

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At the outbreak of the war the 5th Lincolnshire's operated in an 8 Company structure and the majority of the Louth territorial men were in D Company. However soon after the start of the war the Battalion changed structure to 4 Companies and most Louth man were then in B Company. But once at the front, with wounded men returning, promotions and new drafts the allocation of men to Companys seems to be more on as needed basis rather than the pre war arrangment, although a certain local basis does seem to remin for at least into 1917.

As regards the the Chums (10th Lincs) the pattern is more related to when the men joined rather than from where as far as i can tell (although the group of west bromwich men that join in Oct 14 are posted on mass to D Coy.). A very rough guide for the first 1000 numbered Chums is split them 1 -250 (A Coy); 250 - 500 (B Coy) etc, for the first year of the war. But this is very rough guide and men moved around Coys, were commissioned etc and gaps filled.

Hope of use


PS: JIM - Had a look at the Rutland and Kesteven AVL last week - brilliantly detailed, Did you get a copy last year or was the cost too much. I jotted the 5th Lincs men from Stamford down if of use to you.

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Thanks for that - it's precisely the information I was after.

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