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War Office Letter


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I am looking into the military history of my GD (who served in the RGA). His service record shows that he returned to England on 27th September 1918.

I know that it was not because of end of service or because he was wounded or injured.

In the records I have found the following reference:

Transferred to England on 26.9.18 under the conditions of W.O letter No.114/Gen No./5812 (AGI) of 12.1.1918 (Authority:- D.A.G, 3rd Echelon G.H.Q, C.R No. 107359/A of 18.9.1918). I do not know what this means.

I have advice from another Forum member who thinks this may have had something to do with the War Office restructuring of the Artillery, plans being drawn up but not implemented as the War ended.

If any of the forum sleuths can shed any light on this mystery I would be grateful?

GD details at the time of returning to Winchester were:

RSM Leonard Edward Delf (No. 32038) at the time (26.9.18) posted to H.Q 57th Army Brigade RGA

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Hello BDelf

It's only guesswork, I'm afraid, but two possibilities spring to mind: either he was being considered as a candidate for a commission, or he was required to undertake some training or administrative position in the RGA at home. This might tie in with the advice you have received about a possible restructuring: there were certainly some such plans involving the RGA which did not, in the event, come about.

If any of our RGA Pals can throw light on the War Office letter mentioned, you might get a bit further.

AG1 was one of the sections of the Adjutant-General's Branch at the War Office, dealing with personnel matters. The Deputy Adjutant-General, GHQ 3rd Echelon, was based at Rouen and his office handled all the personnel paperwork for the British Armies in France.

Good luck!


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AG 1 was the Co-ordinating and General Duties Branch. Records and statistics. The records mentioned should not be confused with soldiers documents held by the various regimental records offices. AG 6 dealt specifically with RA manning. If you give me a couple of weeks I may be able to find out what the letter referred to.


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Thanks to you both. Terry, I will certainly wait to see if you can shed any light on the matter.

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